PRP treatment is the usage of the blood – Your own blood – to facilitate the growth, or re-growth of hair. There are two aspects of our blood – the red blood cells and the plasma. The key part here is the plasma, which is made up of white blood cells and platelets. And what are these two good at? They are good at growing. So, what the PRP treatment does is take advantage of that growth factor and inculcate it into your hair. 



Have Thinning Hair?

Let the PRP work its magic around the hair follicles to create nice and full hair again. PRP hair treatment is essentially the same one as the popular “Vampire Facial” that is doing the rounds around the world.
That treatment – done to make the face look a lot more youthful – also uses the same principles as the PRP hair treatment. One is for hair, the other for the face. If you aren’t afraid of the needle and can give out some blood, this might just be the best treatment for you.

How Does PRP Treatment Work?

It is not exactly easy to take this treatment – not a one-shot-and-its-done. The first procedure can take up to a couple of
hours – it could be considerably lesser as well, depending on how much area is involved in the treatment – and involves
injections which are given into the skin where the hair is supposed to grow. And that procedure is then repeated for up to
half a year. Followed by that, there is a maintenance procedure to follow, every quarter of a year or so.

Are There any Side Effects for PRP Hair Treatment?

Considering the treatment entails the use of your own blood, the side effects are minimal, particularly considering you are
undergoing such an extensive treatment. The likelihood of having an adverse reaction to PRP, owing to the fact that your own blood is used in the process, is quite unlikely. In fact, most studies have shown that the PRP hair treatment is effective with little to no side effects. There could be some pain near your forehead, owing to the needles being used. Some bleeding might also occur, but that is minimal as well. And there could be redness around the area as well. Quite a few patients take the injections without numbing the area required, which goes to show how pain-free it is. The recovery time required after the procedure is also minimal. Indeed, many have gone back to work the next day after undergoing PRP hair treatment. However, ideally, the procedure can be taken on a Friday, allowing you a couple of days of recovery time. Just for those small bruises, if any, to heal. A warm shower is recommended by some doctors, as the heat will help in increasing blood flow. Of course, doctors will advise against your usual hair maintenance procedures for a few days– be it curling, coloring or blow drying – but apart from that, everything else should be normal.

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